When East meets West for the Arts- It’s for the Best!

By | July 11, 2017

Phnom Penh and Battambang, the number one and two sized cities in Cambodia,  have wonderful art scenes.

However, these expanding metropoles* dotted with art galleries and performance venues are rarely covered in detail by local publications such as the Phnom Penh Post and Cambodian Daily.

So where does one go for information about the exploding art scene in Kampuchea? If one is interested in visiting the temples of Angkor in Siem Reap,  finding a qualified tour guide is not an issue. But where is the analog-to-digital converter for information concerning the arts? Does a “town crier” sound the alarm on upcoming events?

Indeed there is such an individual covering the art and performance scene, diligently and of course digitally displaying a weekly guide on the Internet. That man is known as Fabian Hip and his weekly contemporary arts guide for Cambodia, Kumnooh.

Every Tuesday without fail, Kumnooh produces a fantastic and concise e-newsletter and Word Press blog covering Art galleries, Cinema, Dance, Literary,Promotions and guides, Workshops and activities, Festivals, Map of Phnom Penh art spaces,
Musical pursuits, and Artists. Anyone that understands how travel enriches your life, especially if one discards outdated guide books such as Lonely Planet, will find the Kumnooh Contemporary Arts Guide for Cambodia a guiding beacon in a jungle of tourist traps.

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The most recent issue, Tuesday July 11, 2017, listed seven current events and eight ongoing ones. Phnom Penh had a reputation as a two or three day town for things to do, death camps and palaces being rated best. Modern telecommunications, 3G & 4G data, WiFI plus the competitive growth of Internet access in Cambodia makes Kumnooh’s blog available everywhere. However, Street Smart recommends joining there email list. Let Fabian Hip do all the work for you and enjoy exploring the contemporary arts in Cambodia- it will definitely surprise you!

The best aspect of arts and music, even everyday life in Cambodia, is the friendliness- you will find the artists, and even musicians there, very open and welcoming, a good reflection of Khmer culture. Street Smart Ink reached out to Kumnooh’s mastermind Fabian Hip and requested an interview via podcast on how all this came together and where it is going. Today would be a good day to join Street Smart Ink’s website as to not miss this. Longtime Ex-pats are hip to the Kumnooh guide for art events which are not to be missed and now you are too! Don’t forget to check back soon for the podcast interview with the mysterious Fabian Hip.


*  metropoles is the Latin plural of metropolis

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