Step By Step… the Cambodian Way.

By | February 17, 2017


Our focus will be real people doing real things digitally in the Kingdom of Cambodia – Yes, we’re on a mission.

If you have a digital business, product or service, in Cambodia please contact us with a link and we will add you to Street Smart Ink.

Step by step are how things are done in Cambodia- but here you’ll find the key digital influencers.

The launching of this new site intends to bring you the best of the digital world from the Kampuchea. Submissions are welcome as this is a collaborative community endeavor. Your input and suggestion can be a great addition to the knowledge of the ever changing fast paced growth in Cambodia.

We will point you in the right direction- here are the main areas Street Smart Ink plans to give you coverage of:

  • ART, ADIO, DAW, & VIDEO – Imagine all the creativity going on in the 1960’s AND they had today’s 21st digital technology. All over Cambodia recording studios are popping up and movie companies choosing it as a location for feature films. Rolling! It is said that Kampuchea is one of the most photogenic nations on the planet. The masters of Cambodian photography will be in our viewfinder with exclusive interviews and podcasts.
  • DIGITAL CURRENCY & FINANCEFirst BitCoin, now a multitude of electronic coins are sweeping the world. Cambodia is not immune- we’ll locate businesses accepting these coins, review them, and tell you our opinion. If you have studied international economics, one knows arriving late in the game in the new global economy is not a disadvantage. The area of digital finance is a perfect match for Cambodia and its level of development. As it happens we shall explore the progress.
  • ENTERTAINMENT If ever there was a reason to visit a country this is an area where Cambodia exceeds in its uniqueness. So much happening in the arts and music, and the digital world has its claws into it – Street Smart Ink will funnel and distill it to show you where to go to be in the know.
  • IT SERVICES Work in an exotic land over the Internet? Yes, it is happening in Cambodia. The growing infrastructure is now sustaining many talented ex-pats providing professional quality IT services to the world. That person at the coffee shop everyday isn’t just trolling FaceBook. Discover what’s new in software development coming out of the minds from computer masters in Cambodia.
  • PODCASTS One on one interviews with the personal stories and challenges of the digital players in town.
  • SMARTPHONE APPS An exclusive area offering apps for android phones developed by Street Smart Ink. many are free, made to accomplish the task simply, and designed for newcomers to assist in the cultural shock of their first visit.

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