List of the 400 terms in Khmenglish Lite Language Guide

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accident affection air filter alert alcoholic all friend  AK-47 American angle grinder angry answer apology arson ass crack ATM card ATM machine ATM pin attitude aw stray lee ax baby Anchor/baby Angkor baby powder backpacker baan bad bah baht baton beans beer berry goot bird flu  black & white brunch bargaining behavior believe blade blindsided bong boom boom  oom hai border boredom bottle rocket bribe brick bro brown Burma bus bust busy butcher knife beauty brownout bubble Buddhist bullshit Calamette Cambodian cancel Camry cannot capacity cat cattle cctv camera check dano chicken child childhood childish Chinese chinstrap chopping wood/charcoal cigarettes Cintri cleaner  coffee commitment condo condominium Condom? congraukation consequence contract conversation coward crash helmet customer customer name C  dance floor  dancing decal decal decision decree diploma Dis My Life disappear discipline discount distortion dog door door  ay double drama drinking straw drunk dry dust eduation effort eighty five percent ekinok elections empty English speaking eternity exam excuse eyelashes face Face Book family fault flip flops foot fork forty Free Wifi/Y5 fre fri fre fri French fri fruit fuck furniture fwish gambling gangster garbage garden General germ ghost giant catfish glue  gold good 9 fri grades group grunt guest house guide book guilty hallowed hangover happy ending Happy Merry Christmas Happy New Year headache helmet hierarchy hip hop HIV holi sit holiday homeless  hot  Humvee hungry husband I don’t care I go with you I  ove you ice ice cream illegal illiterate incense incentive individual infrastructure innocence impolite Internet irresposnible jay gar jail Japamany  justice Kampong Cham Kampot karaoke KFC Khmer love Khmer kitchen koh kaah krama la bell lady land  mine land speculation laws leak lease leave now left hand Lexus life like litter little bit logging lonely love loyalty maintenance map mah tini bah massage parlor massah  meat cleaver medical & evacuation service Merry Chrissmah mil milk money minimum wage mistake momentum money monk month moon motivation motodup motorcycle shop motorbike MSG mud muzzle velocity nail polish nas Nation, Religion, King natural resource neighbor nipple no can! no idea not drinking tonight operating system opposition party pajamas pak password patience permit pharmacy pinch piss pity pizza play plowing  eremony polite politician pooh say pool bar power PP prahocalypse now primary education priorities prohuk pub quiz public  oilet question rag rage rain rat reality rearview mirror reebell realtionship relative religion religion revenge reverb rice paddy right hand roam/rorm rock RCAF safety safety first sakibah same same sand sanitize savage school teacher scissors scotch sexy sharp shere shoes shower shrine sick sidewalk Siem reap SIM bee sir pry  six PM skooze me Skype slap sleep smartphone smile smoke sms snack snake sok sopbai? sorry spare parts speed spoon star stare start status sth stick stop street vendor stubborn successful suitcase Sunday morning sunlight sunrise  sunset supply & demand Swissish syllable take tarp tattoo television temple ten percent terrorism TIC timber Tonle Sap tarp truth too much tool torn tourist trash truth tuk tuk turn twenty unallocated spending underwear upsad UXO Valentine’s Day vr victim vife vilence virus vodka vullie bullie volume wahkum water water buffalo wendy wheel bearing whiskey why you do like that? wife worry x Y5 yes