That’s Entertainment! Leng Pleng- the Best Damn Music Guide for Cambodia.

By | February 19, 2017

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Leng Pleng,  means “Play Music” in Khmer, the spken language of Cambodia. Where to see live music in Cambodia, this is the website in the know with the answers on places to go.  One’s evenings in Cambodia would be incomplete without the plethora of information available weekly on Leng Pleng’s entertainment website. A free service based on music community input and street level reporting, the website covers regular and special live music gigs, DJs, interviews, classified ads, reviews, and up to date scoops on where to be when. Not only in website form but also a Leng Pleng android app is available on Google Playstore. Additionally, there is an app version for iPhone. Personally, I can’t live without it. Have an opinion and/or care to give it a rating?  Drop us a note below.

Here’s an interesting (and fun) post about a recent 24 minute podcast interview with Joe Wrigley, the column writer for Leng Pleng.

So if you asked yourself where to travel in Asia and chose Cambodia, the next step is learning. Cambodia does have a rich cultural history AND a modern musical movement that began five decades ago. Recently, this era was captured in this excellent documentary about the development of modern Khmer music in a film by John Pirozzi entitled “Cambodia’s Lost Rock n’ Roll, Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten“. If your looking for a copy of the DVD, it is easily available online. - Save on trips to Paris

Least we forget with a high level of readership, extensive mailing list, and smartphone apps- Leng Pleng is the perfect place to advertise your business, services, or event in Cambodia. The advertising rates are very reasonable, here is a copy of their rates as of June 2017. Please contact them for current prices.

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